Diego Dossala

"Diego started his career in publishing as sales manager. After 10 years he decided to follow his crea2ve spirit and love for beauty. He founded the brand Ultrachic in 2006 with his business partner Viola Baragiola, as a game that now has became a successful business.
"I have a strong imagina2on combined with a big passion for art, beauty and women...that's where my idea of fashion comes from"

the spirit

Established in 2007, Ultràchic is proposed as a brand strongly characterised by artistic, ironic and irreverent content, mixing a touch of romance and light-heartedness in its collections, accompanied by meticulous research into "noble" fabrics such as silk, viscose, cotton, cashmere and innovative materials, all Made in Italy, enriched with new and unique prints, jacquard fil coupé and embroidery.

Each collection offers a different theme, into a continuous journey through contemporary society and culture. Ultràchic aspires to combine, with perfectly balanced contrasts, the sophistication of feminine and classic cuts found in a woman's wardrobe – such as straight skirts, slim fit shirts, loose clothing and tailored outerwear – with unique, whimsical and irreverent prints, to portray a confident woman with her own personality, decidedly independent and contemporary, although also able not to take herself too seriously, focusing on astonishing others with her originality.

TESTIMONIALS "Brilliant with their ability to give sure-fire answers. There is no cliché in daily life for those who interpret it and live it. A message so immediate as it is bold and contemporary. Genuine women have shown their appreciation. Long live the ULTRÀCHIC woman!"

ULTRACHIC TODAY It is one of 60 brands chosen to be part of the fashion shows listed on the official calendar of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.



June, 23 2015, Milan
TIME first edition. Ultràchic takes a special prize of the Russian Buyers Union at Contemporary Fashion Award during WHITE Trade Show in Milan. New international project of brand accelera2on, sponsored and organized by WHITE, Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers and the municipality of Milan, in collaboration with LANCIA and FARFETCH, was created to disclose the essence of the contemporary fashion industry and give awareness and future business opportunities for the brands with the best representation. Ultràchic becomes a winner and gets a special prize this fall the brand will have its personal trunk show in WEEKEND MODA Boutique in Rostov on Don, Russia.


July 18, 2015, Taormina
A special Tao Awards, in synergy with White Milan Project Time, assigned to the brand Ultràchic. Organized by Talents & Environment association and sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, TaoModa is an incubator and accelerator of synergies, is as well as a beautiful showcase for Sicily, is an instrument of aggregation absolutely cross, combining the different sectors that revolve around the world of international fashion. The hope is that such occasions may arise opportunities for growth and development for young people, accustomed to think of this world as far or even unreachable.

on Stage Gallery

on Stage Gallery

September 8, 2015, Milan
A jury composed by Milano Unica, The Woolmark Company and Vogue Italia select 10 designers including Ultràchic who have already made a name for themselves at the international level for the quality and creativity of their collections. Since the very first edition, On STAGE can boast of having launched more than 50 designers, many of whom are now important names in the international fashion industry.